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HC040-18 x 8.0
BC Forged Modular HC040 Series Rims
BC Racing Wheels HC040 The BC Racing Wheels HC040 is a two piece fully forged wheel that is sure to attract everyone's attention. The HC040 is a wheel that can be used in many different driving situations. You could literally take your everyday car ...
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BC Forged Modular HC040 Series Rims


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BC Racing Wheels HC040

TheBC Racing Wheels HC040is a two piece fully forged wheel that is sure to attract everyone's attention. The HC040 is a wheel that can be used in many different driving situations. You could literally take your everyday car to a drift competition and race it on the circuit, and the BC Racing Wheels HC040 will take the thrashing like a champ. This wheel is so light and strong and has numerous customizable features that contribute to its functionality and signature look.

BC Racing Wheels' HC040 has a super deep concave face and spokes that go all the way to the edge of the lip. This makes the HC040 wheel appear larger in diameter and make the most out of it's construction. BC Racing Wheels provide the best durability and strength. Each wheel is made out of pure T6061 aluminum for high surface density. When ordering theHC040, you can be assured that you are getting the best wheel for your buck!

No Compromises

The production process is a big deal for BC Racing. There is absolutely no compromise when it comes to aesthetics and function, so you don't have to settle for less than perfect when buying a wheel fromBC Racing Wheels. BC really had some fun designing the wheel to look good and still be functional for all of your driving needs. You really get a set of wheels that brings out your personality, strength, and the lightness that will get your tires spinning and turning heads!


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Why Fully Forged?

Fully forged wheels aren't just built for lightness. They are pretty muchbulletproof. With BC Racing Wheels' aluminum materials, you are guaranteed the look you want without sacrificing the strength and lightness of agenuine racing wheel. Andwith a lighter wheel, you'll have much less unsprung weight, therefore contributing more horsepower to the ground. In other words, you're going to get one heck of a rush from the new agility and quickness you'll feel from your fully forged wheels!

Color Options

TheBC Racing Wheels HB-R 06can come in just about any color or finish that your mind can imagine. The limitless customization you can apply to BC's wheels is what gives you car that unique look that distinguishes it from the rest. And with the help of one of ourBCRacingPoweproduct specialists you can order your dream wheel fitment and style in a matter of minutes. So if you're ready to grab a new set ofBC Racing Wheels HB-R 06's, give ModBargains a call at 855-998-8726.

Wheel Color

Why Choose BCRacingPower?

Buying yourBC Racing Wheelsfrom BCRacingPower is an excellent decision. Our product experts will ensure that you order the right fitment and wheel for your car and answer any questions that you may have with ease. We also offer the best customer service in the business, and our delivery times for wheels are quick and easy for your convenience and happiness. We offer great prices on BC Racing Wheels. If you're looking to completely deck out your ride with a new look that's light and strong, grab a set ofBC Racing WheelsHB-R 06'satBCRacingPower.com!


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HC040-18 x 8.0
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1 lbs
Additional Info
All BC Forged Wheel are custom made to order so please allow 3-4 weeks for production time. If you have any questions at all, please contact us prior to placing an order at 855-998-8726. Purchase your BC Forged HC040 Series wheels from BCRacingPower.com today!
**Warning**Must provide a valid phone number when calling. All orders are considered special order and can not be cancelled once confirmed.