About Us

Since 1996, BC Racing Performance has specialized in the development and production of high performance suspension and brake components for both street and off-road use.

Whether you are a weekend enthusiast or a devoted track competitor, BC Racing Performance has you covered with hundreds of coilover applications, big brake kits, lowering springs, air suspensions, suspension tuning components and accessories.

All BC Racing Performance products are designed, built, and tested in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and meet the highest quality control standards.

Powered by JM Auto Racing...

JM Auto Racing was founded back in 2004. Our founder, Joseph Mauro, was a young car enthusiast who was very active on his 3G Eclipse forum. He had just purchased headlights for his new car and was asked by several members where he purchased this item. Joe decided he could sell them to the forum community for a small profit and not too long after, JM Auto Racing was born.

JM Auto Racing actively grew over the next several years. Selling just headlights, turned into taillights, which turned into body kits, hoods, trunks, wings, and before long JM Auto Racing was a true one stop shop for anything car related. Our first website was launched in December of 2006. Over its 7 year span, JM Auto Racing made a name for itself. JM Auto Racing opened its first shop in 2008 and in 2010, its first warehouse. In 2013, JM Auto Racing launched its new website, jmautosports.com to accommodate its rapid growth and its 350+ manufacturer line.

For 2016, the new business model was to open a series of branded websites to maximize our presence in these markets. While JM Auto Racing and its subsidiaries continues to grow, one thing remains the same. Our customers are our friends. We take the time to get to know our customers. We hate calling a company about an issue or to get information and you receive a different rep every time and have to explain your story again. JM Auto Racing strives to provide its customer service in a more warm and personal fashion. With these values in mind, JM Auto Racing will continue to grow for years to come and provide you with the most up to date information and simplicity there is.